Imaginarium early Learning Environments

"Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn". - O. Fred Donaldson

Imaginarium Early Learning is creatively designed to encourage children to learn through play. It offers a wide variety of play spaces that invite children to explore, investigate and discover a range of learning opportunities. The design evokes a real sense of connectedness between children, parents and educators as they can move easily around the centre and also communicate freely.

The generous size of our rooms allow children to play and learn without interruption allowing educators to scaffold their learning. Our large doors allow for indoor/outdoor learning, fresh air and to be able to freely transition from inside to outside,

Our large verandas and numerous shade sails mean that children can comfortably explore the outside space with protection from harmful UV rays. Our outdoor environment has been developed using natural materials and ignites the senses with lots of different textures, and has been designed with sustainability in mind. We have our own vegetable garden that the children will develop and care for - learning how to grow and harvest their own food.

We have dedicated sleep rooms that allow the babies in our care to sleep peacefully without being interrupted.