Imaginarium Family Connections

"The nicest thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side." - Margaret Carty

We know it is difficult to leave your child in the hands of others and we strive to make your child's time at Imaginarium Early Learning as enjoyable as possible and as stress free as we can for you. We respect that every family is different and every child has different needs, so we ensure that we listen carefully to you when you share information about your child's health, needs or interests. Our educators keep you informed about your child's day using a variety of means. You can even see photographs of your child throughout the day via the OWNA app.  

We also encourage families to be involved in the centre by attending its social events, contributing ideas to the program and taking part in decision-making. We invite you to share your skills, talent, knowledge, culture, work or experience as these can be wonderful learning tools. 

Ways we communicate with parents include:

  • OWNA App where parents can see the details of their child’s food and drink intake, rest/sleep times, nappy changes, photos, and comments about their children’s day
  • Speaking with you informally when you collect your child or through phone calls.
  • Newsletters
  • Notice boards 
  • Emails
  • Facebook

Family connections grandparents day childcare

Ways parents can participate in the Centre include:

  • Chatting to educators about your child’s day
  • Informing educators about your child’s special talents, interests and hobbies away from the centre
  • Offering ideas and suggestions
  • Reading to the children
  • Sharing skills, talents and cultural aspects of family life with your child’s group
  • Attending social and parent functions
  • Sharing special occasions and events (e.g. birthday celebrations) with your child
  • Immediately communicating any concerns that you may have about your child’s learning
  • Attending parent-educator interviews to discuss the program and your child’s response to it
  • Completing surveys about the program, routines, policies and overall operation of the Centre