Imaginarium Early Learning School Readiness

Our School Readiness Program prepares children (academically, physically, socially and emotionally) for the changes they can expect, and will need to adjust to, when they start school. The Program includes:

  • Early literacy concepts such as recognising letters and learning to write their own name 
  • Early numeracy concepts such as recognising numbers, counting, shapes and colours 
  • Simple science projects that provide children with opportunities to observe, question, infer and explain 
  • Using iPads and computers 
  • Language skills so that children can understand teachers’ instruction, be able to able to share their knowledge, and express their needs to teachers and peers
  • Gross motor skills such as being able to climb, jump and balance
  • Fine motor skills such as holding a pencil correctly and using scissors 
  • Social skills such as making friends, playing cooperatively, following the rules of a game
  • Emotional resilience to cope with transitions from one activity to another, being able to accept losing in good spirit, and following teachers’ instructions when they would rather be doing something else 
  • Self-help skills such as looking after their own belongings, unwrapping their lunch, and toileting.