Imaginarium Early Learning Philosophy

  • P1 Play is life skills learning and helps children gain knowledge of themselves and the world.  Each child will be an active participant in our curriculum with EYLF as the framework.  We recognise that each child is a unique and capable individual who has his/her own interests, talents, skills and ideas to nurture and develop  
  • P2 A safe and healthy environment supports children’s wellbeing.  Healthy responsive practices are embedded in daily operations and routines to ensure this occurs for each child.  
  • P3 Children need to develop an awareness of the natural world and their connection to it. We provide children with opportunities to explore and understand the principles of sustainable living and the interconnectedness of all living creatures.  
  • P4 Educators and staff members are a valued resource.  They achieve best practice through innovation, demonstrating initiative and responsiveness to the needs of children in programs, procedures, planning and evaluation.
  • P5 We live in a world of cultural diversity and individual uniqueness. With the guidance of adults, children will develop respect for different abilities, interests, cultures, and ways of being as they interact and learn.  
  • P6 We promote strong links between families, community, and educators to enrich learning programs. Family and community involvement enhance the growth and development of children. Together we have a responsibility to raise safe, happy, healthy children.  
  • P7 Early childhood services and practitioners have a responsibility to work collaboratively, share skills, learn from each other and develop knowledge through continuous improvement, in a professional learning community.