Imaginarium Early Learning Relationships

"We didn't realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun." - Winnie the Pooh

Positive relationships are essential for all areas of children’s learning and development. However, social skills are acquired and refining them is a lifelong process. Because children also have limited experience of the world and their thinking skills are still developing, they also sometimes need support with socialising, relating to others, and learning important life skills.

We view children as capable and, wherever possible, encourage them to make their own decisions about the important aspects of their day. We help children develop an understanding of others, resolve their conflicts with one another, and to respect each other’s different opinions, backgrounds and religion. We encourage them to develop self-help skills such as looking after their own belongings, putting on their shoes and socks, serving themselves at meal times and then helping others to do so.

Our educators treat all children with respect, spend unhurried time with them, speak to them quietly and gently, and form positive relationships with them. They talk and sing to babies when they feed them and change their nappies. They play with older children, explore their interests, and sing and dance with them.

Our Centres’ indoor and outdoor play spaces are also designed so that children can confidently explore alone or with others. We also have a wide variety of toys and resources for children to play with and activities for them to be involved in.

We support the children’s growing independence and, above all, their ability to recognise unsafe situations and to act in the best way possible to keep themselves safe. This involves educating children about protective behaviours, stranger danger, sun protection, and road, water and animal safety. We also encourage them to engage not only with adults in the Centre, but with the wider community.